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DTI throws lifeline to rural retailers
01 December, 2003

More than 1,000 rural forecourts have been thrown a lifeline following a government announcement on Stage IB vapour recovery.

BP connect for new toll
01 December, 2003

RoadChef opens the doors on its BP Connect forecourt on the M6 toll road this month.

Industry upbeat for 2004
01 December, 2003

The forecourt market looks set for a rewarding year in 2004, according to a survey by financial publishers Plimsoll. Sales are expected to increase an average of one per cent with profit margins remaining low but steady at one per cent.

Greenergy calls for tax break on biofuel
01 December, 2003

Greenergy is calling on the Chancellor to support the development of the UK biodiesel market by introducing a targeted duty incentive to promote blended biodiesels.

Budgens Local man joins indie
01 December, 2003

Budgens Local senior business development manager Brett Corder has left the multiple to join Forecourt Trader of the year winners Jonathan and Rebecca James.

New Year tobacco deadline
01 December, 2003

Retailers are being reminded that from January 1 next year all cigarettes displayed on shelf must adhere to the new yield requirements set out by the EU Tobacco Product Directive.

Sugro UK goes live with online service
01 December, 2003

Wholesale distributor Sugro UK, is launching an online service for independent retailers which will enable them to place their orders directly with the company from anywhere in the UK.

Double trouble
01 December, 2003

An intruder who inflicted almost £900 of damage at a forecourt in Hertfordshire received a double punishment – he cut himself while smashing a glass door panel with a lump of concrete , an injury which led to his identification.

Today's fascia for smaller forecourts
01 December, 2003

Nisa-Today’s has launched a forecourt fascia for small independents, following the launch of Nisa Express for larger sites in July (Forecourt Trader, August, p13).

Double standards
01 December, 2003

A new report claims forecourt customers can be categorised into increasingly divergent groups – price-seekers at one end and service-seekers at the other. They are driven by their differing needs and expectations, according to David Kurtz, director of energy analysis at Datamonitor, and author of a new report that takes a Europe-wide look at dual branding strategies on the forecourt.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?