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What price profits?
01 October, 2003

Our story back in August about Chris Cundall’s quest to make up his deficit on his Texaco petrol margins by putting up his snacks and confectionery prices has prompted some interesting responses. Richard emailed me a comprehensive set of equations to show you don’t necessarily need to match the competition.

The art of writing
01 October, 2003

They say letter writing is a lost art. Well, not entirely, although it may have become a bit sidetracked into those great stacks of emails and txt msgs u get 4 eg. But the writing of a good, coherent letter of complaint, now that is often a difficult thing, given that the writer ranges from ticked off to having totally lost it.

Different, but similar
01 October, 2003

Anyone who has visited North America will likely come back with the notion that they don’t know they’re born as far as petrol prices go. Last month I visited my family in Canada, managing to arrive 20 minutes before a huge hydro blackout rendered everything into darkness along the eastern seaboard from northern Canada all the way down to Florida. All commercial enterprises immediately closed their doors and naturally we all thought we had been nuked rather than falling victim to a series of hydro stations playing dominoes-all-fall-down.

Wages report
01 October, 2003

This is not simply a ‘survey’ but calculations from the real-life payroll transactions of almost 8,000 employees at nearly 900 petrol sites during a single week in September. Hence, we’re confident the results are as close as anyone can get to knowing the real pay picture. But please bear in mind the following points:

Lookout for the Touts
01 October, 2003

It could be argued that forecourt retailing in the UK has taken a leap forward thanks to one independent site in Somerset.

Infallible fallon
01 October, 2003

Steve Fallon started out as a chartered accountant, but having got close to the petrol retailing industry through his work with accountants EK Williams, he fancied he could make a good living out of it and decided to jump in himself.

Sweet success
01 October, 2003

Sugar confectionery sales are growing three times faster than chocolate, according to The Haribo Report 2003, which attributes the growth to new product development and increased market support. It puts the value of the total sugar confectionery market at £993m and says that the top performers are gums & jellies, soft & chewy fruits and family-sized bags.

Counter attraction
01 October, 2003

Over the counter medicines (OTC) have become an increasingly common sight in the grocery trade over recent years. While the government has stopped short of total deregulation of the pharmacy industry for grocers, it is keen to encourage self-medication for a range of complaints – and time-pushed consumers are also keen to go down this route.

Selling point
01 October, 2003

Epos and back office technology is advancing fast. In the never-ending bid to make life easier for retailers, suppliers are constantly developing kit to make transactions quicker, more accurate, and give operators greater control of their businesses.

Used kit on finance
01 October, 2003

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is to supply retailers with used equipment on flexible finance terms, and spare parts and forecourt consumables following the launch of a new initiative.

Has the Government's shock announcement to bring forward the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered vehicles - as well as hybrids - to 2035 or even earlier caused concern and disruption to your future forecourt development plans?