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BP's ultimate fuel launch
01 October, 2003

BP is stirring up the forecourt market with the launch of a new range of premium fuels called Ultimate.

Crime prevention paying off
01 October, 2003

The latest BOSS Forecourt Crime Survey has revealed what it believes are some encouraging statistics which prove the industry’s investment to cut crime is paying off. While the overall cost of forecourt crime is up three per cent to £20.6m, the cost is still decreasing when compared to results of 2000 (£28m). The number of robberies is down 32 per cent and incidents involving weapons is down 22 per cent.

Total’s Tops reward scheme re-launched
01 October, 2003

Total is to relaunch its Tops loyalty and reward scheme next month.

Murco retailers angered by Blueheath supply deal
01 October, 2003

Murco contract managers have been angered by a move to force them to change their grocery supplier. The problems follow a deal between Murco and internet grocery wholesaler Blueheath to supply its Shopstop and Checkout branded stores (Forecourt Trader, June 2003, p13). The contract managers have complained of late and bungled deliveries, with some products being up to 30 per cent more expensive than their previous suppliers.

Forecourt stores – full steam ahead
01 October, 2003

The forecourt convenience sector was worth £3.6bn last year, according to the latest report on the sector by the Institute of Grocery distribution.

Gang raid threat
01 October, 2003

Police are warning filling station owners about a professional gang of thieves who have already hit five outlets in the East Midlands, stealing thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes.

Nisa launches forecourt fascia
01 October, 2003

Nisa-Today’s has announced a forecourt option for its Nisa retail

Inside track
01 October, 2003

Ever wanted to find out what makes your customers tick? Well, TNS is hoping to help the forecourt industry do just that with its new continuous panel service.

Badge of honour
01 October, 2003

Sales advisers at Esso company-owned service stations can now acquire an addition to their uniform thanks to a new incentive scheme called Passion for Service.

Industry cop-out
01 October, 2003

As I write this I feel a little like Mister Angry because I just despair of this industry. How many years do we have to work without profit before common sense takes a hold? The government’s recent announcement about a Revenue increase on fuel was widely reported and discussed and the public understood only too well the source. Anger was rightly placed at the government’s door as the tax on fuel can never, to my mind, be justified.

When a major car manufacturer like Ford predicts that sales of its electrified cars will outnumber petrol and diesel models by 2022, does that ring alarm bells about the possible speed of change for forecourts?