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It's the dogs
01 July, 2003

Rowlett Rutland has a new range of hot dog machines that it says are quick and easy to use. The units hold up to 40 sausages in a heated glass container, keeping them at the correct temperature. There is a choice of options: steamer only, steamer with heated spikes for baguettes or rolls, and steamer with heated wedges for open baguettes or rolls. The machine is fully insulated with non-slip feet, stainless steel water reservoir, four-section divider and lid. A choice of colours is available.

Chyps with everything
01 July, 2003

The Chyp Retail Alliance – a body that will advise retailers on installing and using chip and pin technology – has been launched by Consult Hyperion, Strategy Partners UK and Business Strategy Group (USA).

Seeing double
01 July, 2003

Kraft Food’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Dime and Toblerone bars will be double their usual weight this summer.

Three new kings
01 July, 2003

Pot Noodle has introduced three new flavours in its King Pot range – Bombay bad boy, sweet & sour, and chow mein.

Anthea heads up Buxton ad
01 July, 2003

TV presenter Anthea Turner is the face of a new TV ad campaign for Buxton water.

New size for Yop
01 July, 2003

Yogurt drink brand YOP has launched in a 330g plastic bottle. Aimed at

Two-in-one cleaner
01 July, 2003

Waxfantastic is a new all-in-one car wash cloth that cleans and waxes paintwork, chrome and exterior vinyl without the need for a bucket of water or shampoo.

Rollup, roll up...
01 July, 2003

Gallaher has repackaged Old Holborn 12.5g in laminate pouches, which

New Sunny D focus
01 July, 2003

Procter & Gamble is splashing out £7.5m on a six-month campaign to support Sunny D.

Magic Tree goes nuts
01 July, 2003

The Magic Tree air freshener brand has launched a coconut fragrance. The distinctive orange trees have a bold coconut design on the pack. Rrp is £1.49.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?