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Screw the customers - a bank's charter
01 July, 2003

Banks are hardly the most loved of institutions and when you read the following, it will remind you why.

Have you been dealt with yet?
01 July, 2003

The number of calls I’ve received from retailers about DVD supplier Deal Direct is now just shy of 60, so here’s an update. One of Deal Direct’s recent tactics for delaying payment of sale-or-return money was the excuse that the accounts lady was off sick. It had been offering therefore to pay people back via their credit cards. This worked for some, although Chris Wardle at Wardle Service Station was told by Visa he couldn’t get a refund unless he’d paid with Visa in the first place.

Terminal Decisions
01 July, 2003

Although our database figures seem to paint quite a rosy picture of ever-increasing fuel volumes and shop sales, common sense tells us that this is at least partly due to the ongoing closure of smaller, less profitable sites across the country. Faced with imminent closure of a site, there are a number of factors operators should bear in mind – particularly if the closure of the site is also the closure of your entire business. EKW’s eastern regional manager Mark Crampton has highlighted some of the things you should consider if you find yourself in this situation:

Solid ground
01 July, 2003

Shell has taken a bashing over the years – and justifiably so many might think. A trawl through the press cuttings reveals a traumatic time with the fallout from mishandled retailer relationships, unsustainable contracts, nasty court battles, slumping market share, major network rationalisation and several rethinks over how its retail business should be run. That was the 90s, a bumpy ride for all as the industry adjusted to changing market forces.

Brand new start
01 July, 2003

The momentous internal and external changes experienced by TotalFinaElf over the past three years are now finding their way onto the forecourt.

Site smart
01 July, 2003

Maintenance is a crucial, but often neglected, part of running a forecourt site. Maintaining the equipment on your site can seem like a tedious chore and it is difficult to quantify the effect that it has on your business, but ignoring day-to-day maintenance can have long-term damaging effects.

Bottle bank
01 July, 2003

Mounting competition in convenience retailing means that forecourts are under increased pressure to rival the range available in traditional c-stores and multiples – and this includes offering alcohol.

Snack attack
01 July, 2003

Even some of the most health conscious consumers find it hard to resist the temptation of a packet of crisps. In fact, according to Information Resources (IRI), 95 per cent of households buy crisps, snacks and nuts, making the category a lucrative money spinner for retailers.

Grab a pizza the action
01 July, 2003

Mono Equipment’s new PX point-of-sale pizza oven has been designed to tempt consumers once they get to the counter. It operates as part of an integrated system with one or more of Mono’s BX bake-off ovens. The stainless steel units are built for heavy commercial use and measure 1000mm wide and 3880mm high. The PX is stackable with either Mono PX or BX bake-off ovens and requires a single phase 13 amp, 3kw domestic socket connection. The one-piece ceramic baking oven has been designed to give a traditonal, even bake, with individually controllable heating elements and a maximum temperature of 400ºC. The oven can hold four 93/4” pizzas, two 11” pizzas or one 193/4” pizza.

Free for all
01 July, 2003

Heinz has launched a free online planogram tool for the convenience sector. The service enables retailers to prepare online core range planograms, tailored to the exact dimension of their fixtures. The project has been undertaken with independent c-sector space planning consultant Shelfmax. The website helps convenience retailers produce individual merchandising plans based on the latest convenience sector market data.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?