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Rules is rules
01 January, 2004

As one petrol retailer observed to me recently, you can hardly walk across the forecourt without breaking some regulation or other.

Smell a rat?
01 January, 2004

Here’s a seasonal story for you. Chris and Marion Clark, who run Marion’s Shop and Filling Station on Rousay in the Orkneys, wondered why every Switch transaction via Streamline in the run-up to Christmas involved a call to Streamline’s authorisation centre.

Everything's fine really...
01 January, 2004

Back in the balmy days of last summer, we received a call from a reader asking whether he could have a set of our published sales and margin figures covering the last 12 months, the idea being that he could show his managers how much better their forecourts were doing than the industry average. When we asked whether he was interested in any of our services, the answer was a polite “No thank you”. So, having e-mailed him some statistics, we received a nice thank you note in return, and that was that.

Chain reaction
01 January, 2004

The forecourt sector is fantastically exciting, according to the new managing director of the symbol arm of Budgens, Paul Mildenstein. He joined the company in September from convenience group T&S stores, which was acquired by Tesco. His background covers spells in the drinks, restaurants and coffee sector and includes franchising experience with Pizza Hut and Costa. His remit is to give the Budgens brand a shot in the arm, considerably raising its profile in the highly competitive world of convenience retailing. He believes service stations are well-placed to accommodate the Budgens ‘comprehensive range of quality fresh food in the local community’ offer.

Pastures new
01 January, 2004

The booming residential property market is continuing to impact positively on the market for forecourt property. Prices – while still not as strong as pre-Pricewatch days – are improving year on year.

Taxing times
01 January, 2004

Another year, another set of new regulations regarding the sale of tobacco. The latest came into play on January 1, with regard to tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels. The maximum level for tar content is now 10mg, for nicotine it is 1mg and for carbon monoxide 10mg.

Pipe dream
01 January, 2004

BP and Total were both named and shamed as two of the most persistent polluters in 2002. All for letting fuel leak from underground tanks and pipework.

CCTV for security peace of mind
01 January, 2004

Bosch Security Systems has introduced its latest CCTV system – the Eazeo, for an all-in-one security solution.

Spinner for smaller sites
01 January, 2004

Video Box Office has unveiled a spinner to display 110 DVD and VHS films, games and CDs.

VBi receives Sage credit
01 January, 2004

VBi Retail Solutions has just been awarded accreditation as one of the first Sage Accredited Resellers.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?