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Take the bull(ring) by the horns
01 February, 2004

A Birmingham retailer rang with an average tale of woe – roadworks had re-routed business for a while, general competition was up, place needed a facelift but he couldn’t afford it. I say an ‘average’ call as I do get many like this. It doesn’t compare with the ones I get about badly failing health/imminent bankruptcy/shotgun-shoved-in-ear experiences. But as we all know, these niggles can eventually wear you down to the point that shutting up shop seems the only answer.

01 February, 2004

From time to time we have pointed out that those of you running your businesses as directors of limited companies have certain legal obligations that are more onerous than those that would apply to sole traders and partnerships. Perhaps nowhere does this become more important than in the event of insolvent trading. In the context of company law insolvency means that a situation has arisen whereby a company has reached a point where it is no longer able to pay its bills.

Spring clean your business
01 February, 2004

Christmas is history. The New Year will soon be a surly teenager. Most of those booze, cigarettes and chocolate resolutions have gone by the board. As the days draw out, so do the wallets. It’s time to plan some spring-cleaning for your business.

The price is right
01 February, 2004

IN the 21st century it seems we can access most things via the internet – whether it’s buying groceries or houses; seeing what the weather’s like in a holiday resort via a webcam; or simply communicating with the rest of the world via email, chatrooms and suchlike. So it seems only natural that there is now a specialist website dedicated to helping independent dealers run their businesses and giving them a competitive edge.

Under lock and key
01 February, 2004

the tragic murder of Cornish operators, Graham and Carol Fisher, last November provided a stark reminder of how vulnerable to crime the forecourt sector can be. The high value of the petrol, along with their often isolated locations, can leave forecourts open to violent crimes and drive-offs. And with the growth of forecourt c-stores, operators will increasingly encounter retail crime.

Cold front
01 February, 2004

If one word has become synonymous with successful food retailing today it’s convenience. Witness the major grocery multiples. A walk down any high street reveals the importance they now place on the channel, as they snaffle up convenience outlets and convert an increasing proportion of their estates to the c-store blueprint.

Budding business
01 February, 2004

Forecourts are the ultimate distress channel for flower and plant purchases. Consumers know that when everywhere else is closed, they can be sure that when they fill up their tanks they can also pick up some blooms for gifting, celebrations or commiseration.

Hendersons roll out epos-combi
01 February, 2004

Northern Ireland-based Spar wholesaler John Henderson is rolling out a new retail solution to its forecourt c-stores.

ServEquip wins US deal
01 February, 2004

ServEquip has been appointed as the sole UK distributor for Star Holman, the American manufacturer of professional catering equipment.

KP raises its game
01 February, 2004

An aggressive assault on the snacks category in 2004 has been planned by the United Biscuits Group, which is raising its marketing spend for the year by 30 per cent to £44 million – its biggest-ever investment.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?