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Retailer concern over chip & pin
01 March, 2004

Petrol retailers are being urged to discuss concerns about financial liability and forecourt-specific concerns with the advent of chip & pin technology with their card services companies.

Rural confusion on stage 1B clarified
01 March, 2004

Rural Scottish retailers have sought clarification on vapour recovery legislation following talk of proposed changes that will excuse smaller sites from installing expensive equipment.

Esso case retailers win right to appeal
01 March, 2004

Former Esso licensees have won the right to appeal against the judgement on margins, one of the three main issues being contested in the long-running dispute with Esso.

CTN link to rural site
01 March, 2004

CTN Systems and Garage Watch have announced a joint marketing agreement to promote the use of epos within Garage Watch’s membership. “The future depends on site owners keeping up with market trends and wherever possible modernising and improving shop facilities,” said Mark Bradshaw, CEO of Garage Watch. “Any assistance we can give them to keep their sites open has to be our goal.”

Petrol and diesel - main fuels till 2030
01 March, 2004

Petrol and diesel will continue to supply the bulk of the road transport fuel market until at least 2030, according to the UK Petroleum Industry Association. In its evidence to the House of Commons Select Committe on Transport’s enquiry into ‘Cars of the Future’ UKPIA – which represents refiners and marketers of fuels in the UK, stated that the combination of new cleaner fuels and more fuel-efficient vehicle technologies would meet reduced C02 emissions targets for road transport, as well as delivering cleaner air, over the same period.

Forecourts key to Spar's sales growth
01 March, 2004

Forecourts are a key growth area for symbol group Spar, with site numbers increasing by 34 per cent in the past two years.

BP to sell Halfords car care
01 March, 2004

BP has become the first forecourt retailer in the UK to sell car care products from Halfords.

We need industry safeguards, says ACS
01 March, 2004

The Association of Convenience Stores has renewed its call for safeguards for the whole of the grocery industry in the wake of another purchase of a convenience store chain by a superstore giant.

Morrisons moves in
01 March, 2004

In one fell swoop Morrisons is tripling its coverage of the fuel-retailing sector following completion of its takeover of Safeway for £3bn. As of March 8 the retailer will be the proud owner of another 196 forecourts to add to its current network of 113 petrol sites.

Measure for measure
01 March, 2004

As usual during February, we’ve been busy collating all of the data from last year to arrive at the definitive picture of 2003 for the ‘typical’ fuel site. The result can be summed-up by saying that for those who survived, it was a very busy year indeed. Just how busy can be judged from our Annual Comparator table, which shows the 12-month values for 2003 and 2002.

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