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Q8 dealers will retain branding
01 November, 2004

Q8-branded dealers will be able to retain their branding until the end of their existing contracts, according to Brian Handley, general manager of Pace Petroleum, the new company running the former Kuwait Petroleum retail and distribution network. The business was acquired in September by Refined Holdings, a newly formed joint venture between independent retailer Malthurst, and property and investment companies, the Winston Group and the William Pears Group.

Esso injects Energy into its fuel brand
01 November, 2004

Esso is introducing a new fuel brand name ‘Energy’, which is currently being rolled out throughout its network in time for a new advertising campaign.

Women top men in forecour spending
01 November, 2004

Women are bigger spenders than men in forecourt shops, according to research from Harris International Marketing.

Optimax milestone
01 November, 2004

Shell has just sold its billionth litre of Optimax, which was launched in the UK in 2002.

Garagewatch & FPS call for duty freeze
01 November, 2004

Garage Watch and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers are calling on the Chancellor to make an early announcement on his plans for fuel duty in the forthcoming budget.

James brands fixed penalties 'pathetic'
01 November, 2004

Cambridgeshire-based retailer Jonathan James is embarking on what feels to him like a “one-man crusade” to contest the government’s introduction of fixed penalty notices for shoplifters.

Unwelcome break for motorists
01 November, 2004

Motorists were left stranded on the M1 after filling up at a service station where an unleaded fuel tank had been filled with diesel.

Spar aims high with package to shape up
01 November, 2004

Spar has launched a radical package of initiatives as it sets out to reinforce its position in a fiercely competitive marketplace and realise its goal of becoming the biggest and best convenience retailer in the UK.

Licensing minefield
01 November, 2004

The government has at last published its Draft Regulations for the new Licensing Act, giving the trade more precise information on how to apply for licences, the timescales involved and more detail about the requirements for the various documents that must be submitted with applications.

News in brief
01 November, 2004

SUSIE HAWKINS, managing partner of West Country forecourt chain Simon Smith Group, (a Lakeside group member) was named winner of the Global Scholarship Competition at the NACS show in Las Vegas last month. The winners – one retailer and one supplier – from each of the national competitions held in the UK, Australia and the USA, went head to head in front of the international audience. Susie impressed the judges with her presentation on the incursion of the UK multiple retailers into the small store sector, and her description of how the Simon Smith Group is fighting back.

When a major car manufacturer like Ford predicts that sales of its electrified cars will outnumber petrol and diesel models by 2022, does that ring alarm bells about the possible speed of change for forecourts?