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Deadline looms for alcohol licensees
17 August, 2005

Alcohol licensees were up in arms as Licensing Minister James Purnell announced that the new licensing laws will fully come into effect on November 24.

Meals on wheels
17 August, 2005

As more time-starved drivers take to the road in the UK, so the need for meals on the move continues to grow, with forecourts being the prime destination for travelling motorists.

Taking control
17 August, 2005

Motor fuel is the forecourt retailer’s key commodity, and with margins so tight it is crucial that none is ‘lost’ unnecessarily. However, wet-stock loss remains a real problem for most petrol retailers with issues such as leaks, vapour loss and even faulty equipment meaning there can be large variances between the fuel the retailer buys in and the amount that is sold.

Rise of the machines
17 August, 2005

Plastic may be convenient but sometimes only cash will do. So if your site has an ATM you can bet that many consumers will choose it – to fill up their cars and their wallets at the same time. There are around 55,000 ATMs in the UK. Most are linked to banks and building societies but there are a growing number of options available for forecourt operators willing to invest in their own machine.

Shell’s Irish network snapped up by Ion
17 August, 2005

Shell’s all-Ireland network of 55 petrol stations, 35 fuel distribution depots and six oil-importing facilities has been bought by venture capital group Ion Equity.

Irish battle against Tesco forecourts
17 August, 2005

A plan to step up efforts to block the development of more Tesco service stations in Ireland is being launched by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

Drivers’ fuel challenge
17 August, 2005

The trend for fewer forecourts is creating a challenge for drivers – particularly those using a restricted fuel network, according to Arval, which describes itself as the UK’s leading supplier of fuel cards.

BP uses Nectar data to target motorists
17 August, 2005

BP has renewed its long-term agreement with loyalty card Nectar, and at the same time revealed a trial using data gleaned from the loyalty card to reward customers with appropriate vouchers.

Oil market buoys economy and life
17 August, 2005

The UK downstream oil industry makes a significant contribution to the UK economy and everyday life, according to the 2005 Statistical Review, published by UKPIA, the trade association

New retail deal for Blueheath
17 August, 2005

Delivered wholesaler Blueheath has won the contract to supply forecourt dealer Motor Fuel Ltd in a further boost to its UK forecourts network.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?