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Mo'gas: An irreverent view from the network
01 September, 2004

SO THE BIG QUESTION IS, will you or won’t you? Support the appeal from the PRA for a legal fees fighting fund to take on the issue of hot product, that is. Now unless you are a very lucky bunny, and I’m happy to say there are a few out there who still receive deliveries of cooled-down fuel, you know your delivery shrinkages are costing you a fortune. And even if you receive some sort of allowance from your supplier you know that it’s a pittance and totally at their whim. And it hasn’t increased as the price of fuel has rocketed. And your losses are getting higher with each new introduction of higher specification, more eco-friendly, grade. So the answer is pretty obviously ‘yes’ isn’t it?

Fuel prices September 2004
01 September, 2004

Data supplied by Catalist Ltd

When a major car manufacturer like Ford predicts that sales of its electrified cars will outnumber petrol and diesel models by 2022, does that ring alarm bells about the possible speed of change for forecourts?