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Juicy Fruit pellets
01 September, 2004

The Wrigley Company has extended its Juicy Fruit range with the launch of Juicy Fruit Strappleberry, which combines the tastes of strawberries, pears and apple flavours in a new pellet format.

Heinz relaunches soups
01 September, 2004

Heinz is relaunching its Classics and Big Soup ranges of soup, as well as introducing a new line of contemporary recipes.

Del Monte's new movers
01 September, 2004

Del Monte is revamping its Just Juice brand with new-look 500ml PET bottles and a revised range.

McV calls for snackers to dunk Britain
01 September, 2004

United Biscuits UK (UBUK) is driving consumer awareness of its core McVitie’s biscuit brand with its biggest-ever event, which invites snackers to vote for their favourite dunking biscuit.

Aunt Bessie's hot stuff
01 September, 2004

Aunt Bessie’s has introduced five ready meals into the frozen food market, following the successful launch of Aunt Bessie’s Cottage Pie.

Clean up with Armor All wipes
01 September, 2004

In response to the growing interest in orange cleaning products, Armor All has launched Orange Cleaning Wipes.

Pot Noodle adds mini
01 September, 2004

Pot Noodle has unveiled a Mini Pots range for consumers with smaller appetites.

Doorway to DDA needs
01 September, 2004

As compliance with the new Disability Discrimination Act dawns, Horton Automatics is recommending retailers take a look at its range of swing and sliding doors.

Chip and pin in seven days
01 September, 2004

Card payment technology company Commidea has introduced a chip and pin solution that requires no bank testing and can be set up alongside any pos system in less than seven days.

Money-making image
01 September, 2004

A new television advertising concept is being rolled out on garages in Scotland by Plato Systems, giving retailers the opportunity of an added source of income. The package consists of a 40-inch LCD display screen – on which a series of advertisements is played – mounted externally on the forecourt in an area viewable from all pump locations. Each site owner is paid £2,000 a year, plus all electricity costs.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?