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Urban Eat targets post-Veganuary luncher with three new products
17 January, 2020

Sandwich brand Urban Eat is spicing up the food-to-go category with three new products targeting the post-Veganuary luncher.

Walkers rejigs Max brand with new look and NPD
17 January, 2020

Walkers is kicking off the year with a re-staging of its Max brand, including the launch of Walkers Max Double Crunch – a new snack with a texture experience that the company describes as “like no other”.

Walkers adds two flavours to its Wotsits line-up
10 January, 2020

Walkers is adding two new flavours to its Wotsits line-up – Flamin’ Hot and Sizzling Steak.

Kettle Chips unveils vegan alternative to cheese & onion
03 January, 2020

Kettle Chips has introduced a new alternative for vegan shoppers seeking a Cheese & Onion flavour.

KP Snacks kicks off year with campaign for Hula Hoops Puft
03 January, 2020

KP Snacks is kicking off the new year with a nationwide poster campaign to support Hula Hoops Puft.

Urban Eat refreshes range with four new products
03 January, 2020

Sandwich brand Urban Eat, is freshening up its range with four new products aiming to appeal to shoppers looking for a lighter lunch alternative in the new year.

Health equals wealth
16 December, 2019

Four out of 10 consumers now claim to be looking for a healthier product all or most of the time when choosing a snack, according to Mintel data, while a similar number say they expect to pay a premium for healthier snacks. This is all brilliant news for forecourts which can cash in on this growing demand.

Box-set binges
16 December, 2019

With Apple TV+ and Britbox recently joining the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, and Disney+ launching next year, there are even more reasons for family and friends to stay in for a night centred around the TV. Matt Collins, trading director at KP Snacks, says: "In the UK, we love to spend time socialising with others 91% say spending family time together is very important (Him data), and a great way to do that can be with a film or Netflix box set at home. Insights show us that 48% of consumers eat crisps, snacks and nuts when watching a film at home and 45% say snacks are a 'must have' for an evening in with family and friends."

Mondelez International donates 150,000 products to Fair Share
11 December, 2019

As part of Cadbury Heroes’ 20th anniversary celebrations, Mondelez International has donated more than 150,000 products, including Cadbury Heroes, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreos to FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.

Burton's Biscuit Company launches low-calorie club
11 December, 2019

Burton’s Biscuit Company is set to accelerate demand for its ‘less than 100 calories’ offering with a New Year launch of the ‘Under 100 Cal Club’, offering a product range suitable for consumers of all ages.

As Brexit day finally arrives at the end of January, are you expecting any negative impact on your forecourt business through leaving the EU?