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Extra thin Styx for students
01 July, 2005

Swedish Match has launched an extra slim filters version of its Styx Combi Pack.

Mo'gas: An irreverent view from the network
01 July, 2005

“SO THAT'S THE END of our business, then,” said the voice of doom, aka the wife. “What’s that my dear?” I replied. “This levying a £1.34 a mile congestion charge, of course. People just won’t be able to afford it – they’ll just stop using their cars as much,” she explained. “Calm down, my dear,” I responded in my best Michael Winner tone. “It’s not as simple as all that.”

News in brief
01 July, 2005

WELCOME BREAK has invested £1m in its toilet facilities at the Gordano Service Area on the M5. Redevelopment work saw the existing 25-year-old toilet block replaced by 38 state-of-the-art toilets, four shower cubicles and a baby changing area. The facilities are manned to ensure standards are maintained at all times. The Bristol site is one of the busiest in the Welcome Break chain.

Fuel Prices: July 2005
01 July, 2005

Data supplied by Catalist Ltd.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?