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Day in the Life: Ilyas Munshi - Taking care of what he wears... and business too
04 December, 2013

My morning routine starts around 6.30am when I wake up for morning prayers and a brisk walk round the park but it's recently been too cold so I jump back into bed straight after prayers. However, when I do go for a walk it does mean I have an hour to reflect on personal progress and also plan the day ahead. I then get ready for work and another day brimming with challenges. At work I constantly get ribbed for wearing a suit and tie but I like to take care over what I wear. Having recently shed nearly three stone, I have enjoyed wearing some of my vintage attire from days gone by, as well as shopping for a new wardrobe. As the saying goes: 'People who feel good about themselves produce good results'.

Alert follows diesel theft
04 December, 2013

Suffolk Police have issued an alert to forecourt owners after thousands of litres of diesel were stolen from a filling station at Kentford, in Suffolk.

Amid all the political turmoil, do you feel as prepared as you can be for EU exit on October 31, deal or no deal?