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PRA concern over plain packaging
01 October, 2013

The PRA has expressed concern after new evidence emerged from Australia of the negative impact of plain tobacco packaging on retailers.

PM backs 'Small Business Saturday' event
01 October, 2013

The Prime Minister has thrown his weight behind the UK’s first Small Business Saturday - tp be held on December 7.

Fuel prices - September 25, 2013
08 October, 2013

monthly fuel prices by brand - sept 2013

Time for feedback
07 October, 2013

A new study looking at the attitudes of fuel customers and why they choose particular brands, has underlined the growing dominance of the supermarkets. Customer intelligence specialist Market Force Information, surveyed more than 1,500 consumers across the UK in an effort to understand the choices made when purchasing fuel.

Shop Doctor: In the surgery this month - Wellington Service Station, Archway Rd, London N6
07 October, 2013


The Esso Snack & Shop Wellington Service Station is virtually located on an 'island'! An island made up of the Archway Road (A1) and North Hill that joins Aylmer Road and leads onto the North Circular with its access to the M1. Traffic is constant, at times horrific, and there is very little access for pedestrians. I was interested to see how the 24/7 Wellington Service Station managed its shop offering to what must mainly be vehicle-based customers.

Money Talk: Big Brother is watching you, now more than ever
07 October, 2013

Think back just a few months to the global news story about US and UK electronic snooping on email and other internet traffic. The revelations at least served to illustrate just how vast the data capture and information processing abilities of government agencies have become. Of course, there were the usual reassurances that this was all necessary for our protection, and the standard secret policeman's line of 'Why worry if you've nothing to hide?'. So we stopped worrying and went back to business as usual.

Service Centre: Jac Roper on a duty rebate that doesn't work and a case where common sense prevails
07 October, 2013

What's the real price of petrol?

The price of petrol is a perennial headline grabber. You would think, by now, enough journalists reporting on the subject would have 'got to the bottom of it'; ie the public would know that the retailers have nowt to do with the price at the pump, even if they do own the ruddy pumps.

Spar to the rescue
07 October, 2013

There's a new name on the pole sign at Geoff Harland's B&M Harland forecourt in Pickering, North Yorkshire. And although it's a name well known throughout the forecourt industry, it's the first time that it's appeared as branding on fuel. Supplied by Harvest Energy, B&M Harland has been offering Spar-branded fuel since August, and it's already proving to be a great success.

Out of storage
07 October, 2013

Since Valero Energy acquired the UK marketing and distribution assets of Chevron more than two years ago, it has been on a mission to strengthen its supply infrastructure in order to grow the business. This month sees the completion of a significant part of that project with the coming on full stream of the company's Manchester fuel terminal following an intense year of refurbishment. The terminal, which had been in existence since the '70s, had been mothballed in 2010, when it was owned in an equal three-way split by Chevron, Total and Esso, but operated by Esso on behalf of the other stakeholders.

Smart solutions
07 October, 2013

This time last year payment by smartphone at the pump was in very early development. But by June 2013 a prototype mobile payments web-browsing service created by retail technology provider Micros Systems had been piloted and launched as MiFuel, a solution allowing drivers to pay for fuel using their mobile phones.

When a major car manufacturer like Ford predicts that sales of its electrified cars will outnumber petrol and diesel models by 2022, does that ring alarm bells about the possible speed of change for forecourts?