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Sundays at the cinema
04 June, 2013

Mars Chocolate's Sweet Sundays promotion is returning this month. The company says that last year the campaign, which gives away free cinema tickets, attracted 37% more new shoppers to the Mars brand. This year more cinemas are involved and consumers can use mobile technology to redeem tickets. Sweet Sundays offers consumers a free cinema ticket with the purchase of four core-size or two large-size special packs across Mars' bite size portfolio.

Jucee new design
04 June, 2013

Jucee the UK's fastest-growing squash and mini juice brand (IRI data) has a new pack design featuring fruit characters, including ozzie orange and archie apple. To support the brand relaunch, there is also a new 1.5ltr squash bottle, available in nine variants exclusively to the convenience sector. The new packs are aimed at retailers with limited shelf and storage space. They have been launched with a permanent price flash of £1.29.

Shapely snack launch
04 June, 2013

The Pom-Bear range has been extended with the launch of Zoo Friends animal shapes in a "really cheesy" flavour. Marketing manager, Steve Harger, at brand owner Intersnack, says: "After the success of our limited-edition 'Snowmen' at Christmas, we felt the time was right for a new permanent addition to the range. We believe we've hit the perfect solution with Zoo, which has scored highly in research for both pack appeal and flavour."

Shop Talk
04 June, 2013

I've had an Alice, Alex, Anthony, Charlotte, Chris, Luke, Phil, Rob and Thomas so far but alas no Tracy. To what am I referring? Coca-Cola's latest campaign where you can find your name on a bottle of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero, as long as it's one of the most popular 150 names in the UK that is.

Motorway first for Wetherspoons in joint venture with Extra
03 June, 2013

JD Wetherspoon is to open its first licensed bar and restaurant on the motorway network. The new facility will open - by Christmas - at Extra’s Motorway Service Area on the M40 (junction 2) at Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

Spotlight on pricing
04 June, 2013

Many in the trade have welcomed the decision by the European Commission (EC) to launch an investigation into oil price fixing, especially after the disappointment caused by the OFT's refusal to sanction a probe into the UK road fuel market just weeks earlier.

Shop Doctor: Shell Halfmoon, Epping, Essex
04 June, 2013


I was happy to pull into the Shell Halfmoon service station as its advertised pole prices were competitive. I also needed a snack for lunch and was interested to again sample some of the Shell 'Deli2go' range.

Money Talk: A very thin line between trading and disaster
04 June, 2013

Readers who occasionally watch any of the documentary channels on TV might be familiar with the warnings that our highly-automated and interlinked society is really rather fragile. One large solar flare or a heavy ice-storm, and power supplies and communications links suddenly fail, bringing normal activities to a grinding halt. It doesn't necessarily take a global catastrophe to prove just how much we rely on technology for things to work smoothly, the lack of immediate alternative fall-back positions and the consequent chaos if the technology fails. A recent incident at one client's place was far less dramatic, but still provides a small-scale illustration.

Service Centre: Jac Roper delves into employee contracts, extra services and snow
04 June, 2013

Look after your assets

Here's a cliché question for you Mr Forecourt Boss: what's your best asset? I'm sure you have many but full marks if you said 'staff' unless, of course, you spend every working hour right there on the till.

Decent proposal
04 June, 2013

Shell in the UK is a far more attractive proposition for both customers and dealers than it has been for some time, according to David Moss, who took over as the company's general retail manager, north cluster (UK, Denmark, Norway), at the start of the year, replacing Melanie Lane. And the dealer offer is evolving into something particularly compelling, he claims.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?