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A missed opportunity
08 February, 2013

After winning a long battle just to get the OFT to consider whether there were competition problems in the road fuel market, the outcome last week was a deep disappointment for the PRA, and the many other groups campaigning for a full investigation.

Shop Doctor: Budgens of Wells, Somerset
08 February, 2013

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Not far from the cathedral is the Forecourt Trader of the Year 2012 prize-winning enterprise, Budgens of Wells. Opened in July 2011, the BP forecourt and Budgens store is located in the heart of a dense housing area.

Money Talk: Outstanding campaign from the VAT office
08 February, 2013

It sounds almost friendly doesn't it? No hint of a threat of any big investigation into your financial affairs, or any penalties. But don't be complacent about it. For all of the soft PR in which this campaign's been cloaked, there's still an iron fist within the velvet glove, and if your VAT accounting isn't up to date, you could find yourself in big trouble.

Service Centre: Jac Roper sorts your problems, including the rules on splitting up multipacks
08 February, 2013

Always check out the label

'Freddie' rang up. As you may have already sussed, that's not his real name. He believes that a nearby competitor may be trying to stitch him up but didn't want to ID anyone for obvious reasons.

Share and share alike
08 February, 2013

The 'Park & Shop' forecourt convenience brand, successfully developed and implemented by the Park Garage Group across more than 50 forecourts, is now available to operators through the UK as the company looks to further extend its involvement in petrol convenience retailing. Recognised by the industry as a 'Top 30' grocer and listed at number three in the 2012 Forecourt Trader 'Top 50 Indies', the £200m turnover family-run business is eager to share its success and buying-power discounts with other dealers.

Best food-to-go outlet - sponsored by rollover
08 February, 2013

The success of food on the move at Welcome Break's Birchanger site on the M11 in Bishops Stortford is driven by a 'day-part menu' that has been designed to satisfy eating needs and maximise sales. The breakfast menu kicks off at 6am with breakfast baps, sausage rolls and hot pastries; and at 11.30am the site moves onto a lunchtime hot menu, which includes meat and chicken burgers, as well as more substantial pastry products and a vegetarian option.

Burning issues
08 February, 2013

The tobacco display ban, which was implemented in larger stores (3,000sq ft-plus) last April, is also now in place in Northern Ireland and Wales, with Scotland set to follow suit this April. Lessons learned from these bigger stores will no doubt help retailers with smaller stores, when they have to implement the ban in 2015.

Grate stuff
08 February, 2013

Cheese is universally popular, with nine in 10 adults buying it. According to Mintel data, most of these people will eat it in a sandwich while many others like it on toast. Its mass appeal means that consumers will expect to find it in their local forecourt store.

Day in the Life: Sabrina Cader
08 February, 2013

It is fair to say that I am not a morning person. After hitting the alarm's snooze button several times, it is my husband's threats that I will be late and left behind that drag me from bed. We aim to get a 7.55am train to London together, but we seldom make it. To compensate I have to buy him coffee. I buy coffee quite a lot!

Fuel prices - January 30, 2012
08 February, 2013

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?