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Fifty years with Jet
14 January, 2013

Garner Group Holdings has celebrated 50 years as an independent Jet dealer.

Genius system to save cash
14 January, 2013

It's the Genius story you've all been waiting for a system that will save you money and take the 'heat' out of your 'hot fuel' problems. It's called Genius ATC and is described by its UK supplier, TLM Technology, as a system whereby the "measured volume is automatically corrected in function of the measured temperature". In other words, whatever the temperature of your fuel, your pumps won't over-dispense to your motoring customers. The technology sits on top of the pump and performs its wizardry automatically as the fuel is being dispensed, ensuring you're not giving away any more of your precious fuel than is absolutely necessary.

Access covers customised for forecourt applications
14 January, 2013

A new generation of stronger access covers has been launched for the forecourt sector by composite specialists SSC.

Space saving freezer
14 January, 2013

A new range of frozen storage units designed to save both space and energy costs has been launched by Adande.

Kevin Eastwood
14 January, 2013

As 2013 gets under way it's a good time to reflect on the past year and look forward to developments coming in the next 12 months.

Best customer service
14 January, 2013

Customer service at Red Tiles Service Station in Durham, which came out on top in the Best Customer Service specialist category, is all about personal attention and interaction with shoppers, says area manager Tony Middleton.

Silver lining
14 January, 2013

It's been said that the underground fuel storage network in the UK is a 'ticking time bomb', with thousands of ageing, single-wall steel tanks thought to be hiding under forecourts nationwide. The consequences of a leak can be catastrophic to the environment and bank balance but many retailers are taking a dangerous risk by holding onto ageing tanks longer than they should, because of the prohibitive cost of replacement, according to Vianet Fuel Solutions (VFS). However a relatively inexpensive solution is available.

Consumers vote again for their Chunky Champion
14 January, 2013

Choose a Chunky Champion is the latest activity for Kit Kat Chunky. It follows last year's successful campaign, which was the biggest confectionery singles event ever for Nestlé, with over 600,000 votes cast on Facebook, 11 million bars sold and 200,000 new consumers entering the category (Kantar Worldpanel data).

Kettle's latest flavour
14 January, 2013

Kettle Chips has added a new sour cream & sweet onion flavour to its premium hand-cooked chips range. According to Nielsen data, dairy flavours such as this account for 9% of adult and premium snack sales, and are growing by 6% year-on-year. The crisps are available in two sizes, in bright green bags: a 40g pack, rrp 69p; and a 150g bag, rrp £1.85.

Easy de-icer success
14 January, 2013

Oval Products has reported record sales for its Ezi-Melt de-icer product. Over 500,000 units of the commercial grade de-icing salt have been sold to companies including Palmer & Harvey, Spar and Tesco.

Has the Government's shock announcement to bring forward the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered vehicles - as well as hybrids - to 2035 or even earlier caused concern and disruption to your future forecourt development plans?