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Brian Madderson
01 March, 2012

The deferred fuel duty rise due on August 1 will increase retail prices by 4ppl after 20% VAT is added, which will take £2bn out of the pockets of consumers. This will be bad for inflation, bad for household budgets, bad for the economy and bad for our members who are already suffering from both volume and margin decline. We have called on the Chancellor to abandon this increase and again cut duty in the Budget this month.

Clumsy thief gets six years
01 March, 2012

A robber who launched himself through an after-hours serving hatch in a bungled forecourt raid has been jailed for six years.

PPG's bag scheme
01 March, 2012

Top 50 Indie Park Garage Group has pledged its support to cancer charity CLIC Sargent with a new charging scheme for plastic carrier bags.

More connection in future stores
01 March, 2012

Shops and people will be connected to each other more than ever in the store of the future, according to research by food and grocery expert IGD.

Specialise to survive
01 March, 2012

Independents can fight back against the onslaught of the supermarkets by playing to existing strengths and creating new ones, says independent retail analysts Verdict as it outlines strategies for survival for independent retailers.

Over to you, OFT
01 March, 2012

The momentum had been gathering for some time. And at the appropriate moment RMI Petrol made its submission to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for an inquiry into the UK fuels market. It must respond within 30 days.

Shop Doctor: Tesco Express, Lodge Road, Portswood, Southampton
01 March, 2012

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Portswood is just north of Southampton city centre and the Tesco Express is in a densely populated area. The site is clearly identified by an Esso/Tesco Express pole.

Money for nothing? Or a value-for-money service?
01 March, 2012

The conversation started in a friendly enough way. The caller was a regular reader of Forecourt Trader and was quite complementary about the way this column regularly drew attention to some of the financial problems that affect retailers, especially the difficulties arising almost as casual by-products of fuel price inflation.

Jac advises on cash flow and rates - and talks up a lovely location
01 March, 2012

Cash flow probs anyone?

01 March, 2012

This year has started well for the car wash industry the very cold weather and snow always stimulates tremendous demand to clear the salt and grit from every part of the car. However, the dark clouds are gathering (or not!) as the extremely dry weather last year has caused our rivers, reservoirs and aquifers to dry up. As I write, Water Authorities are seeking ministerial approval for Drought Orders. Widespread bans on water usage seem inevitable throughout much of England this summer, and the CWA plans to mitigate the impact on the car wash industry.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?