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Pies with wings
01 March, 2012

Peter's Pies is testing a Bull & Red Bull pie with 13,000 consumers. Combining meat with the energy drink, the new pie will be part of a new series of 220g 'specials' at £2.49.

Crunch time for Muller
01 March, 2012

Muller Dairy has launched Crunch Corner limited-edition single pots in cookies & cream and toffee apple flavours. Available from March until May, the new pots have a rrp of 64p.

Banoffee delight
01 March, 2012

Flavoured milk brand Frijj has launched a banoffee pie flavour of its indulgent milkshake. The new flavour was chosen by Frijj consumers via social media. A 500ml bottle has a rrp of £1.49

With Love from Cadbury
01 March, 2012

Burton's Biscuit Company is targeting spring gifting occasions with a 330g limited-edition carton of Cadbury's Fabulous Fingers, featuring a 'With Love' message on-pack

shop talk
01 March, 2012

've a new-found admiration for till staff. The reason is that I've just started volunteering at my local hospital shop scanning items and operating the till sometimes in quick succession. The scanner definitely has a mind of its own because it keeps scanning me! First I thought it was picking up the silver threads in a scarf I was wearing, but it did it even when I took it off. All very disconcerting and try explaining it to puzzled customers in the queue. And twice now I have tried to charge someone (not the same person) over £50,000 for some crisps and drink. I know it's all for charity, but that seems a bit steep. Anyway, keeping calm when you're making endless cock-ups in front of an audience is something new that I'm having to learn.

Best-ever Pringles
01 March, 2012

Procter & Gamble is launching "best-ever chip" Pringles which are made using a technique that enables the seasoning to spread across the whole chip. The result is a "more intense and satisfying taste" with every bite. The improvement is highlighted on cans with the message: "Bursting with more flavour".

Price-marked packs
01 March, 2012

PepsiCo has launched 49p price-marked bags of Walkers in the top five flavours: cheese & onion; ready salted; prawn cocktail; salt & vinegar; and smoky bacon. The company says the core Walkers range is an absolute 'must stock' as it accounts for almost a quarter of crisps and snacks sales in the impulse sector.

Reviving the category
01 March, 2012

GlaxoSmithKline is launching a sub-brand for Lucozade. Called Lucozade Revive, the company says it will redefine the energy drinks market and drive incremental sales through its naturally invigorating flavours, low-calorie content and credentials as a healthier option.

New Turtle Wax range
01 March, 2012

Turtle Wax has launched an 18-strong range of products which it says includes "naturally derived waxes, proven technology and clever formulation".

Lion heads new lines
01 March, 2012

Nestlé Lion bar headlines R&R Ice Cream's 2012 range. Price-marked at £1, the bar comprises toffee ice cream and chewy caramel sauce covered in milk chocolate and crispy wafer pieces. Another new line is the Rolo cone. It was available last year in a take-home pack and was a big success but is now available to impulse retailers. The 120ml cone (recommended retail price £1.10) has caramel and chocolate ice cream with caramel sauce running through it, topped with chocolate pieces.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?