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Pouch push for Heinz
30 July, 2012

Heinz is adding a new flavour bolognese sauce with penne to its pasta pouches range.

Value baccy pack
30 July, 2012

New from Imperial Tobacco is the Golden Virginia smooth (yellow) 8g handy pack.

Biggest ever nuts
30 July, 2012

United Biscuits (UBUK) has launched jumbo salted nut mix and unsalted fruit & nut mix, which it says contain the largest and best-quality nuts. The salted nut mix has peanuts, oven-roasted almonds and cashews, while the fruit & nut mix includes raisins and whole dried cranberries. Both products come in 90g grab bags, packed 18 to a case, with a recommended retail price of £2.40 each.

Epic sales promised
30 July, 2012

PepsiCo reckons new Walkers Deep Ridged crisps are set to unlock "epic sales" for independent retailers. The 8mm ridges are twice as deep as other ridged crisps and are made with a global patent to unlock "massive flavour and crunch for the ultimate snacking experience".

Cheddars with bacon
30 July, 2012

United Biscuits (UB) is launching McVitie's Cheddars in a crispy bacon variety. The company's research found that almost 40% of Cheddars' buyers also bought bacon-flavoured snacks, which is 34% higher than the average savoury biscuits' buyer, showing that the flavour resonates exceptionally well with Cheddars' consumers.

Eclairs on the move
30 July, 2012

Kraft Foods is launching Cadbury Eclairs in a new 48g 'handy' bag in a bid to drive on-the-go sales. This new format is described as "a modern replacement" for the brand's roll pack. Recommended retail price is 55p.

Long-lasting claims
30 July, 2012

Varta has introduced new on-pack claims, which demonstrate that its competitively-priced batteries last as long as the equivalent market-leading product.

Boost for Vimto
30 July, 2012

A new campaign is under way for Vimto, promoting lunchbox-friendly Tetrapak cartons to mums. There is also digital activity to boost brand awareness among teenagers.

Spooky haul
30 July, 2012

Ghoulish Halloween lines from Swizzels Matlow include Mega Drumsticks with a black and orange wrapper and Double Dip, which is called Spooky Dip and leaves tongues black.

Salads to go
30 July, 2012

Princes is launching four new tuna salads: tomato salsa; French; Mexican; and Italian. The salads come in a bowl with a fork included. Recommended retail price is £1.99.

When a major car manufacturer like Ford predicts that sales of its electrified cars will outnumber petrol and diesel models by 2022, does that ring alarm bells about the possible speed of change for forecourts?