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James Hall commits to fresh development
16 June, 2011

Spar wholesaler James Hall is forging ahead with its plans to promote fresh foods and in-store investment, with a host of new initiatives to help build their business with retailers.

Competition fuels forecourt sales growth
09 June, 2011

Despite a decline in the number of forecourt stores in the past year, average sales per store increased by 3%, according to the IGD's Convenience Retailing 2011 report. Senior business analyst, David Shukri, told Forecourt Trader: "The 3% increase suggests that those forecourts that remain in the market have continued to show resilience and compete fiercely in a backdrop of economic uncertainty."

Survey says petrol cars still more popular than diesels
09 June, 2011

Petrol cars still beat diesel models in the popularity stakes despite the typically higher fuel economy of diesel engines, a study of UK motorists shows.

Torex Profit Clinics boost margins
09 June, 2011

Retail technology provider Torex is launching Profit Clinics to show fuel and convenience retailers how to get the most out of their Torex point-of-sale system and grow their margins.

Drive-offs cost industry dear
09 June, 2011

Crime on Britain's forecourts cost fuel retailers more than £22m in 2010, up from £19m in 2009, according to figures revealed in the annual forecourt crime survey carried out by the British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS). The main source of the estimated total loss is £15.5m resulting from drive-offs, with a further £4.5m lost from motorists claiming to have no means of payment (NMoP) who then fail to return to clear their debt.

'Surprise changes' in fuel market
09 June, 2011

The forecourt industry will continue to adapt and reinvent itself in response to continued change in the market, according to Arthur Renshaw, Experian Catalist's UK & Ireland manager, in his review of the UK fuel market.

in brief
09 June, 2011

BP honours Graham

Results of this month's online poll:
09 June, 2011

Do you feel threatened by the 'unfair' fuel pricing practices of competitive supermarket and oil company sites?

Seven more sites move over to Harvest Energy
09 June, 2011

Independent forecourt Backwell Motors in Bristol has become the latest site to join the growing network of Harvest Energy-branded forecourts.

Costa Express hits forecourts across the UK
09 June, 2011

New rebranded Costa Express machines have just started rolling out across the UK following the acquisition of Coffee Nation by Costa owner Whitbread earlier this year.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?