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Manor joins ACS
02 September, 2010

Top 50 independent retailer Manor Service Stations has joined the Association of Convenience Stores.

VAT increase is over-estimated by more than 85% of consumers
02 September, 2010

Although 89% of consumers know there will be a VAT increase, only 53% know when it will happen, according to a recent study by global pricing and marketing strategy consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners.

'Spar'kling results from Hendersons
02 September, 2010

Henderson Group, owners of the Spar, Eurospar, Vivo and Vivoextra retail brands, has announced what it described as an "exceptional" performance for 2009 despite the tough economic trading conditions.

Fancy buying a refinery?
27 August, 2010

Bad enough having a house to sell in uncertain economic times. But following Murphy Oil's recent sell-off announcement (see News Extra, page10) how do you go about selling a refinery when you get the distinct impression they're fast going out of fashion plus there are three others (out of eight!) already on the market. I'm not sure 'location, location, location', or a quick lick of white paint will do the job.

Refinery sell-off may hit major fuel brands
27 August, 2010

RMI Petrol has warned that the mass exodus from the UK refinery market could result in the major oil company brands disappearing from the dealer sector. The comments followed US company Murphy Oil putting its Murco Milford Haven operation on the market

Fuelling debate
27 August, 2010

The big news this summer was the launch of Shell's FuelSave (available in unleaded and diesel), which claims to be able to save drivers up to one litre of fuel per tank from the very first fill at no extra cost. The cynics may shake their heads and mutter 'No way' but it's an attractive proposition for drivers who are currently shelling out on average 120ppl.

Bean feast
27 August, 2010

When it comes to a cup of coffee, us Brits are growing increasingly fussy. The likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee have raised the bar on what we as a nation demand in a hot drink, according to Mark Rhodes, marketing manager at Westomatic.

Beauty call
27 August, 2010

Forecourt stores are never going to be a consumer's first port of call for their health and beauty needs they'll go to the supermarkets, Boots or Superdrug instead. However, as full-blown convenience outlets, consumers will expect forecourt stores to stock the essentials. On a motorway or busy A-road site that could be the distress purchase for the businessperson who has forgotten to pack toothpaste, while in a neighbourhood area it could be a mum looking for a top-up because she's run out of shampoo. What both these shoppers have in common is that they'll want to quickly identify that you stock such items, so that means stocking the big brands backed by the big advertising bucks. So for toothpaste that's probably Colgate while for shampoo it's Pantene or Head & Shoulders.

Drivers 'green' over hand car washing
26 August, 2010

Over half of British motorists regularly wash their cars by hand or have them done at hand car wash operations,

Police still investigating after £45,000 Morrisons fuel theft
26 August, 2010

Police are still trying to work out how daring thieves pulled off one of Britain’s biggest-ever fuel thefts, by siphoning off

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?