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Something special
27 February, 2009

== Impulse Ice Cream Outlet sponsored by Wall's ==

Top tipple
27 February, 2009

A growing number of retailers are selling alcohol on their sites - and reaping the rewards.

Wake-up call
27 February, 2009

Nowadays breakfast means different things to different people. Eggs and bacon at the weekend, toast and cereal in the week. Yogurt and fruit if you're watching your weight, and a croissant and coffee if you're in a hurry. And forecourt operators have to cater for all these menus. They need breakfast-to-go for commuters and workmen as well as at-home breakfast items for families. That means breakfast spans the food-to-go area, the grocery shelves as well as the chillers.

Good chews
27 February, 2009

Everyone knows that chewing gum tastes great and minty gums freshen your breath, but it seems there's much more to it than that.

Frozen's solid
27 February, 2009

When it comes to chilled and frozen foods, it's always chilled that takes the limelight. It's seen as profitable and exciting but in these straitened times it seems that more consumers are turning to frozen foods. Indeed according to AC Nielsen data, the frozen category is enjoying value and volume growth.

Targeting indies is way forward for AutoGlym
27 February, 2009

Autoglym has launched a major campaign to attract more independent retailers to use its products and services in their car washes.

Fruity offer from Coca-Cola
27 February, 2009

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) says it is boosting the energy drinks sector this spring with the launch of a new variant - Relentless juiced energy berry.

Juicy profits for you
27 February, 2009

Tropicana has refreshed its on-the-go offering with the launch of three new flavours to spearhead growth in the impulse channel and drive retailer profits. The latest additions to the single-serve range are: orange & mango; mango, peach & papaya; and passionfruit, pear & apple. Brand owner PepsiCo expects them to further grow Tropicana's impulse market share, replicating the success of Tropicana original and Tropicana smooth.

Swedish Match's slow burn
27 February, 2009

Swedish Match is giving away Swan Silver ultra fine king-size papers and classic Swan tins.

Chew this great offer over
27 February, 2009

The Wrigley Company is giving away one prize - worth £250 - of a selection of products from its top-selling ranges: Extra, the number one sugar confectionery brand (AC Nielsen MAT to w/e 27/12/08); Airwaves; and Orbit Complete.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?