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Move over, Darling
01 May, 2009

While the consensus seemed to be that it was a pretty unspectacular Budget for petrol retailers, there have been some words of warning for the sector. Chancellor Alistair Darling's announcement could be summed up as a few more pence on fuel, a couple of pence on tobacco and alcohol, and a little bit of help with credit insurance. Nothing in particular to take the fuel retail market by storm. But maybe it is what wasn't said in the announce-ment that is the real issue.

Results of this month's online poll:
01 May, 2009

Do you think the government's 11th-hour reprieve on business rates will be the first step towards a fairer rates system for businesses?

In the surgery this month - Gillhams Service Station, Midhurst, West Sussex
01 May, 2009

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Gillhams Service Station, a BP forecourt and Nisa Local Essentials convenience store, opened last November. The enterprise is on a grand scale and all the equipment and buildings are new but in keeping with the old market town environment.

A Budget but no bonanza
01 May, 2009

== Banks still playing the game by their own rules ==

Help and advice from jac roper
01 May, 2009

== The price of power, the abuse of power ==

Small is still beautiful
01 May, 2009

Graham Walker believes in bucking the trend when it comes to forecourt shops. He has run Duns Service Station in the Scottish Borders for 20 years, but the small kiosk on the site is pretty much the same as when he first took the business over. And he has no plans to change or expand it.

Don't give up on us
01 May, 2009

A strictly personal view of Mo'gas' musings on the PRA (April 2009) is that, unlike the curate's egg, they were good in parts. Let us not beat about the bush! The PRA's 'state of flux' as it was euphemistically described, is a long overdue attempt to get parts of the organisation fit for purpose and able to operate within their budget. The issue as to whether the PRA should be allied to any other organisation is, in reality, an irrelevance. If the PRA cannot live within the budget determined by the level of its income from its membership, then no other organisation, be it the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers or the Association of Convenience Stores, would be interested in it anyway. And if it can live within its income, it is far better where it is. Within the RMIF there is no risk of a conflict of interest arising from organisations supplying oil companies or their subsidiaries in membership.

Fuelling profits in the credit crunch
01 May, 2009

Software and services company FuelQuest has issued a set of guidelines aimed at helping petrol retailers operate successfully during the recession.

Going spare
01 May, 2009

In the current economic climate, repairing rather than replacing equipment is becoming more and more popular. According to catering equipment manufacturer Lincat, the prompt availability of spare parts is becoming critical.

Chilling offers
01 May, 2009

Valera is urging retailers to make the most of ice cream sales this summer with one of its specially-tailored display units.

As Brexit day finally arrives at the end of January, are you expecting any negative impact on your forecourt business through leaving the EU?