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Fuel Prices - July 29, 2008
05 August, 2008

Results of this month's online poll:
04 August, 2008

In the light of soaring card charges, would you consider terminating your Arval contract unless there is a review of the current fee structure in the near future?

Crunch time
04 August, 2008

If you've noticed your fuel sales are noticeably down on last year, you're not alone. Retailers around the country are reporting a significant drop in volume - and those with sites in the north are seemingly the worst hit.

In the surgery this month - Bride Valley Motors, Winterborne Abbas, Dorset
04 August, 2008

GENERAL APPEARANCE: On the A35 about five miles west from Dorchester and on the road to Bridport is Winterborne Abbas. On the right at the entrance to the village I found my target, Bride Valley Motors. It's an impressive site which includes a BP forecourt, KeyStore shop, car sales, service and repairs, and also incorporates Dorset Discount Tyres.

Auditors calling
04 August, 2008

Despite operating as limited companies, many smaller independent dealers have escaped the need to have their annual accounts subjected to formal statutory or Companies Act audit scrutiny and reporting over the past few years. They've been able to take refuge under what appeared to be the quite generous Audit Exemption Threshold for small companies. This meant that if their turnover was below £5.6m in the year to March 2008, and they employed no more than 50 staff, they could forget about a formal audit. Indeed, the exemption threshold was raised in the last Budget to £6.5m for financial years beginning on or after April 6, 2008, and no doubt a few smaller dealers breathed a sigh of relief and thought that they could ignore the issue for another year. Maybe some of them still can. No doubt there will also be a few readers who've only been in this dealer business for a couple of years, having perhaps spent a long time in the forecourt trade as site managers or commission operators, and having set up as limited companies, haven't actually needed an audit in the time they've been working for themselves.

Service Centre with Jac Roper
04 August, 2008

== Chip, chip, chip ==

rings of confidence
04 August, 2008

BP may not be at the top of everyone's Christmas card list following what many described as an "immoral margin cut", announced rather tactlessly by email around the time its record profits were revealed in April.

driving appeal
04 August, 2008

Total has not looked back since calling time on its long-running Tops promotion 18 months ago, and believes its current creative programme of short-term promotions is proving far more effective than its loyalty scheme in driving up sales and capturing the interest of motorists.

Chris Mitchener
04 August, 2008

== Will the changes in the law in Scotland affect my store in England or Wales? ==

Carsley: chilling with Daikin
04 August, 2008

The Carsley Group has invested in a Daikin Conveni-Pack cooling, refrigeration and heating system for its Cromwell Services convenience store.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?