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Arval promises card fee review
01 July, 2008

Fuel card company Arval has agreed to review its charges, following uproar by retailers in the wake of soaring fuel prices. In a statement issued to Forecourt Trader, Arval said it was talking to retailers about making changes to its current system. Danny

It never rains but it pours
01 July, 2008

Mogas has certainly hit the nail on the head this month (see page 58) - as he does, let's face it most months - with his comments about everything happening at once. After all we've had ridiculously fast-rising fuel prices, falling demand, supplier price increases, tanker driver strikes, forecourts running dry, growing numbers of drive-offs and even a new kind of theft - 'hooded bilkers with jerry cans'. There's also the headache about biofuels and bugs; and the erosion of car wash business being valiantly tackled by the Car Wash Association. And that's just the forecourt side of the business.

Iain Watkins
01 July, 2008

== Why has the government proposed to ban or restrict tobacco displays in shops? ==

Making a good impression
01 July, 2008

When it comes to forecourts, first impressions are everything. If a motorist approaches your site and it looks shabby, they're likely to drive on to the next one. So forecourt maintenance should be top of the list for retailers in today's highly competitive market.

Jelly good show
01 July, 2008

Gums and jellies now account for around 25% of sugar confectionery sales. According to AC Nielsen data, sales increased 4% in the past 12 months, which was slightly ahead of the sugar confectionery market as a whole.

Booze news
01 July, 2008

Rarely a day goes by without alcohol being the subject of a news story in the national newspapers. It could be about the middle classes indulging in too much wine, or the grocery multiples being slammed for selling alcohol at too low a price. But whatever the story nothing seems to scupper the UK consumer's love of a tipple or two, which is good news for forecourts with off licences.

Threat to Scotland's alcohol licences
01 July, 2008

Four out of five forecourts in Scotland are in danger of losing their alcohol licences under new legislation. And the ramifications could spread to the rest of the country, retailers have been warned by licensing practitioner Chris Mitchener.

New class of 'bilking'
01 July, 2008

Soaring fuel costs have led to a new class of 'bilkers' in one East Midlands city. Forecourts in Leicester are reporting a growing number of people wearing hooded jackets going to the pumps, quickly filling jerry cans with petrol, and running off. And outlets in

ExxonMobil quits US retail market
01 July, 2008

ExxonMobil Corp is quitting the retail fuel market in the US, and sticking to wholesale operations. The company said the exit from its direct served - dealer and company operated - business would "include the conversion of a majority of

Biofuels the hottest topic at Esso forum
01 July, 2008

Concerns over handling biofuels on the forecourt were the hot topic at last month's Esso Dealer Forum, which was themed 'In Good Company'. The two-day event, held at The Belfry hotel in the West Midlands last month, included a series of seminars on topical issues, with the biofuels seminar proving extremely popular with retailers. Issues raised included how retailers should prepare their site for a delivery of the new controversial 'eco' fuels.

When a major car manufacturer like Ford predicts that sales of its electrified cars will outnumber petrol and diesel models by 2022, does that ring alarm bells about the possible speed of change for forecourts?