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Chevron assumes management of UK terminals
20 February, 2009


MPs say retailers must drop prices
04 February, 2008

MPs are taking action to make retailers drop their pump prices to match the recent decline

Cheeky and ignorant
04 February, 2008

MPs taking action to make fuel retailers cut their pump prices? How ridiculously cheeky - and ignorant. It would also be extremely laughable (it's not April 1st is it?) if not for the sobering thought that these nitwits have a hand in running the affairs of the country.

express service
04 February, 2008

A bigger presence in petrol retailing and on-site convenience stores is at the heart of a continuing strategy of growth and consolidation announced last month by Dennis Woods, chief executive of Petrol Express, part of the GNE Group plc.

Tremendous Trio
04 February, 2008

Michael Johnston has been running the busy Euro Spar, Castle Wellan site in County Down, Northern Ireland for about three years.

Daylight robbery
04 February, 2008

Rising fuel prices can cause headaches for retailers, not least because they make forecourts a more attractive target for crime.

Espresso delivery
04 February, 2008

The fact that Tesco is trialling Starbucks concessions in some of its stores is testament to the power of branded coffee. Tesco does everything from basic coffee to its Finest range yet it views Starbucks as the brand that will bring customers in.

Money for nothing
04 February, 2008

With most forecourts now focusing on the shop side of their business and on categories like chilled foods, it's easy to overlook non-food items. However, many operators can testify to the success of non-food promotions. These are the things often promoted on the top of petrol pumps offering maps or torches or candles at knockdown prices when you spend so much on fuel. You might be asking yourself who buys such things? And the answer is, loads of people. Asif Ayub, sales director of Fast Trak, says they are great impulse purchases. "We offer everything from high-tech gadgets such as wireless headphones to mugs for mass appeal. I can't really pinpoint a target audience because our products appeal to everyone. For instance we sold shaver sets and hair clippers which we thought would appeal to men. And yes they did, but we also sold clippers to a lady in Wales to use on her horse!"

Is this the dearest fuel in the country?
04 February, 2008

Allan Henry who runs the John Henry service station in Dalmuir, Clydebank, is selling petrol for 125.9ppl and diesel for 131.9ppl. His prices are so high they were featured in the local Clydebank Post newspaper.

Warning to check contractor status
04 February, 2008

Petrol retailers are facing the threat of legal action by appointing inexperienced contractors with inadequate training and little industry knowledge, warns Steve Martin, managing director of sign installation specialist Xmo Strata. "With ever changing legislation, dealers need to

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?