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TyreSafe puts the pressure on safety
06 September, 2007

Tyre Safe is running a tyre safety awareness campaign throughout October. It was originally planned as a week-long event but following massive interest and support from tyre retailers and manufacturers, it was decided to extend it to a whole month.

Taken for granted
06 September, 2007

The number of petrol stations serving the motoring public has been falling for years but suddenly, it seems, the whole world is beginning to take an interest, with coverage in the national press and on TV and radio bemoaning the loss of the community forecourt.

In the surgery this month - Three Counties Garage, Crewkerne, Somerset
06 September, 2007

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Leaving Crewkerne town centre, south on the A356 I saw a Texaco pole ahead and as I needed some lunch decided to make a 'stealthcheck' on the site. I parked in a side street as the entrance to the forecourt was blocked, and walked.

Ignorance is no excuse
06 September, 2007

A subject that affects a great many retailers - albeit that they may not realise they are affected - is money laundering. Used in its broadest sense, the term is now taken to refer to any criminal financial activity that crosses over into apparently legitimate business activity. This means that it ranges from using a retail business to recycle 'dirty money' into the commercial banking sector, through to the purchase and sale of stolen goods themselves, to handling the proceeds of theft, fraud or tax evasion.

Service Centre with Jac Roper
06 September, 2007

== Communications R not us ==

Paying a PREMIUM
06 September, 2007

The recent floods will have resulted in retailers across the country frantically checking the finer details of their insurance policies.

A Break with tradition
06 September, 2007

Motorway forecourts are always thought to be a different kettle of fish compared with traditional service stations. They have a captive audience after all - there's no quick way off a motorway if you're in dire need of fuel, a break or any other kind of emergency, and their reputation for astronomical fuel prices is legendary.

Better by design
06 September, 2007

Its forecourt is made from concrete mixed with pieces of recycled glass; its roof has 90 solar panels; and it uses low-energy lighting. However this is not some space-age prototype but a fully operational BP forecourt trading in Los Angeles.

Chocs away
06 September, 2007

When it comes to chocolate, we're all getting a little bit posher in our tastes. Forget your cheap and cheerful offerings, customers increasingly want better quality chocs in fancier packaging. And so it is that the premium sector is one of the main trends driving today's chocolate market for retailers.

Show that you care
06 September, 2007

Ask a consumer where they'd go to buy something for their car and most would probably say Halfords. The car accessory/bike chain is doing very well at the moment. However, according to Graham Tissiman, sales and marketing manager at the Convenience Distribution Group (CDG), forecourts have some major advantages over it. "First there's the forecourts' daily footfall, then there's the fact that most people entering a forecourt are in a car-orientated mood and retailers need to take advantage of this," he says.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?