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in brief
06 August, 2007

PayPoint is the first payment network to offer Noodle top-ups. Noodle is a new mobile phone service which claims to give customers very low-cost national and international calls. Noodle e-vouchers are available in £5, £10 and £20 denominations. PayPoint retailers earn 4% commission.

Glint of hope for flood-hit retailers
06 August, 2007

Despite the worst floods in living memory, retailers should use the opportunity to improve their businesses, according to James Lowman, chief executive of the Association of Convenience Stores.

Task group's final say on Buncefield
06 August, 2007

The Buncefield Standards Task Group has published its final comprehensive four-part report, following which its work is to be continued by a new group - The Petrochemical Process Safety Leadership Group.

Shell rolls out V-diesel
06 August, 2007

Shell V-Power diesel is being rolled out nationally following a successful launch in the south east last November.

New name for Garage Watch
06 August, 2007

The name Garage Watch will now disappear, as the trade association set up during the fuel crisis of 2000 to safeguard the interests of rural retailers becomes fully integrated into the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers.

Summer misery
06 August, 2007

The rain certainly seems to have been on a mission this summer. And drowning people's homes and businesses seems to have been one of its goals. The pictures of cities and towns under water have made us all shudder, and if you've ever been a victim of a flood you'll know that when the water subsides, that is only the beginning of the trouble. The horrid, smelly, gungy mess that is left behind is the depressing start to months of cleaning up to get properties and lives back in working order.

Gulf signs up two more in race to 200
06 August, 2007

Gulf Retail's recent signing of the three million-litre Taverham Filling Station near Norwich, moves the company closer to reaching its goal of 200 active sites - it currently has 190.

Forecourt property boom
06 August, 2007

Last year property agent Christie & Co sold and advised on more forecourt transactions than ever before - and it reports that this trend has continued in the first half of 2007.

Subway expansion hits the 1,000 mark
06 August, 2007

Subway has opened its 1,000th outlet in the UK and Ireland, and its rapid expansion here includes 30 franchises on forecourts and three in convenience stores. It currently has a further 60 outlets in the forecourt and c-store sectors in development.

Wash out
06 August, 2007

This summer's floods caused havoc at forecourts across the country - but it was when the water started to drain away that the real problems started.

Have you put a new hygiene strategy in place for staff and customers to help minimise the spread of coronavirus?