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Wrigley's fiery gum
06 April, 2006

Wrigley is introducing a hot new addition to its Extra brand. Extra Fire will be available in packs of 10 pellets and promises to give consumers a fiery burst of minty breath freshening. The new variant will replace Extra Mountain Frost. The launch will support the growth of the Extra brand and complement Extra Ice gum, which was launched last year.

01 March, 2007

Loyalty cards have been very much in the news recently. I don't know whether you saw the recent documentary about Tesco's clubcard, but if you did I'm sure you would have been impressed by its scale and potential economic and marketing power. So the question is, are loyalty cards worthwhile in the forecourt market in 2007?

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?