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Relaunch number five for Frasers
31 October, 2006

The Fraser Group has unveiled its latest site redevelopment at Cannon Pool Service Station in Witney, Oxfordshire, completing the relaunch of all its five sites in the past three years. The rural Cannon Pool site has been owned and run by the Frasers for 30 years, and reached a crossroads four years ago when it could have been sold for housing. Instead, in 2003 the company decided to buy the house next door in order to get the extra piece of land for car parking.

Fuel prices - October 24, 2006
01 November, 2006

in brief
31 October, 2006

The PRA is running a series of open meetings for petrol retailers across the UK throughout November. The events are a chance to network as well as meet exhibitors showcasing products and services for the forecourt sector. For booking details contact Kellie Jessimie on 020 7307 3593.

Highly charged
31 October, 2006

Exorbitant credit card charges are at the centre of the toughest battle being faced by retailers in the US, according to Hank Armour, president and CEO of the National Association of Convenience stores, which represents the US convenience and petroleum retailing industry.

In the surgery this month
31 October, 2006

It's more than two years since I 'stealthchecked' an Esso 'On the Run' and I thought it time to have another look. This time I wen to Baynards Green Service Station - a short distance east off the M40, on the busy A43.

Six degrees of separation..
31 October, 2006

Economists tell us that we live in the age of the brand. A litre of cola isn't worth much as a commodity, but stick the right corporate logo on the bottle and watch it suddenly become liquid gold. The global companies who own the right labels to go on that bottle are worth a fortune - far more than the value of the product they have in stock, or the physical plant and equipment they use to produce and distribute it. Likewise a litre of petrol is pretty much just another litre of petrol, but the major oil companies have always tried to project (and protect) their own brand as unique, or at least different, and have jealously guarded their corporate name and logo.

keeping it in the family
31 October, 2006

The Brocklehursts have always liked to be first. In 1973 their site was the first in Northampton to go self-service and over the years they have continued to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, racking up a string of further 'firsts' along the way. So when Karl Brocklehurst stepped up to collect the industry's highest accolade at the Forecourt Trader of the Year Awards, the family business was right where it likes to be - firmly in the limelight.

Two-way solution
31 October, 2006

Gilbarco Veeder-Root will be teaming up with secure payment and transaction specialist, Ingenico, to deliver indoor and outdoor payment solutions to forecourt retailers worldwide.

Gourmet coffee
31 October, 2006

A new self-serve gourmet coffee machine is now available to independent retailers following a successful trial by motorway services operator Goldstar Extra.

Stage Two considers the smaller forecourt
31 October, 2006

Stage Two Petrol Vapour Recovery (PVRII) controls came into force at the beginning of October, meaning sites selling more than 3.5 million litres of petrol a year have until January 1, 2010 to fit equipment to capture fumes at the pump.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?