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Easy way to top up
03 July, 2006

Forecourts with PayPoint terminals will now be able to sell easyMobile e-vouchers. The payment collection network says it will be the first to offer the new vouchers and retailers will receive 6% commission for each one sold.

Point of sale now online
03 July, 2006

Retailers can order free point-of-sale material from a new website. Launched by sales-support company, the Shelfmax Group, the site allows retailers to browse POS items listed by different manufacturers and order the pieces and quantities they want all at the same time. The items are then delivered directly to the shop. Retailers can pick and mix their own kits and there are plans for an option to allow them to tailor pieces to their own store.

Core appeal
03 July, 2006

A new apple flavour is being added to the Lucozade Energy range.According to consumer research, apple is the favourite flavour after orange.

Shining sales success
03 July, 2006

Summer is a key selling period for torches, when outdoor activities such as camping and caravanning can boost sales by more than 40%. Manufacturer Energizer is therefore urging retailers to stock up. The company says it is important to stock up with branded offerings as consumers buy on the basis of quality and performance and are prepared to pay more for a brand. Energizer recommends that forecourts stock the following products: the Duo 4AA, a regular torch and lantern in one; the Headlight 3LEDs and the Waterproof 2AA.

Milkshake's berry good
03 July, 2006

Milkshake brand For Goodness Shakes is now available in super berry flavour, made with real fruit and enhanced with a multi-vitamin supplement. The new flavour combines blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and cherries and aims to attract more women to the range, which was first launched last year and includes big banana and great choc malt variants. Available in 500g bottles, Rrp is around £1.

Longer life for chilled fish range
03 July, 2006

Young's has launched the first in a series of chilled fish ranges with a longer shelf-life. The company says the new lines - which have an extended shelf life of at least 10 days - will help convenience and forecourt retailers to reduce wastage.

Calorie-count ads
03 July, 2006

Masterfoods will be reminding consumers that Maltesers are less than 190 calories a bag in a funny new TV ad. The £2m campaign will reassure consumers that Maltesers are the 'lighter way to enjoy chocolate'. It will be supported by wider PR activity.

Toblerone for girls
03 July, 2006

Kraft Foods is targeting female consumers with a limited edition 100g Toblerone bar. The exclusive bars feature a new pack design, with the traditional logo replaced on one side by the words 'To Myself' in pink lipstick letters. To encourage sales, retailers can order a special unit that holds 120 bars.

Try Froot for free
03 July, 2006

A 'try me free' money-back guarantee will feature on bottles of Minute Maid Froot Refresh for six weeks from August. Promotional neck collars will appear on 1.4 million 330ml bottles and will also communicate the functional benefits of the drink - said to count as one of the five recommended daily portions of fruit and veg.

New look for cigs
03 July, 2006

Imperial Tobacco has introduced new packaging across its Richmond cigarette range. Available now, the updated design aims to generate additional interest in the brand.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?