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Dinner money
01 November, 2005

The first ever ‘TV dinner’ went on sale in the United States in 1953. Costing just 98 cents, it comprised turkey with a cornbread dressing and gravy, sweet potato and peas. It was the brainwave of travelling salesman Gerry Thomas who had to come up with an idea to use up 270 tons of uneaten Thanksgiving turkey. On his travels he’d seen metal trays being tested for in-flight hot dinners and decided to use the technology himself. However his metal trays were put in cartons that replicated TV sets complete with knobs. The dinners were an instant success – 10 million were sold in the first 10 months and so the TV dinner or ready meal was born.

Festive flurry
01 November, 2005

Okay, so you’ve been bombarded by Christmas sales bumpf since June, but now’s the time to get really focused – the final few weeks really can make a difference to the bottom line.

Honeywell eyes up BP
01 November, 2005

BP has chosen Honeywell Video Systems to supply all CCTV equipment for its co-owned forecourts in the UK. Over the next 18 months all 400 BP-owned sites will be upgraded, on a priority basis, to the Honeywell digital video recorder (DVR).

Real Deals chill out
01 November, 2005

Spar Scotland has introduced a new solution for merchandising chilled promotions within its convenience stores.

Xmo Strata takes safety advice from pilots
01 November, 2005

Signage specialist Xmo Strata has consulted professional pilots about how its health and safety procedures can be made even tighter.

Clean seat every time
01 November, 2005

A self-cleaning toilet seat has been launched by new company, Invest in Health.

Lifting the lid on ads
01 November, 2005

Ad Lid, a company specialising in adverts on lids for take-out coffee, is hoping to expand its coverage by working with forecourt operators.

The dynamic duo
01 November, 2005

Masterfoods is relaunching its Snickers and Mars ‘Big Ones’. From January 2006 the kingsize countlines will be sold in a two-bar format called Duo. The new design features ‘Snap Pack’ packaging, with two pieces of chocolate inside which consumers can eat all in one go, share or save for later.

Haribo's new Starlet
01 November, 2005

Haribo Dunhills (Pontefract) is increasing its offer to retailers with more shelf-ready packs and the launch of a new product, Starlets.

Terra reduces fat by half
01 November, 2005

A new range of reduced fat premium quality crisps has been introduced by Empire Food Brokers.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?