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Power play
03 October, 2005

Every year battery manufacturers seem to launch the ‘longest lasting battery ever’. To the uninitiated this might appear to be just some marketing ploy, but apparently the manufacturers really have to – to keep up with all the high-drain appliances that consumers love. Digital cameras and MP3 players gobble battery power up at such a rate it’s a wonder any cell can keep up. This year’s new battery technology comes via Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium, Duracell’s Ultra M3 and Panasonic’s Digital Xtreme Power.

High spirits
03 October, 2005

Off licences have been a hot topic lately with the widely publicised changes in licensing laws. But while forecourts are yet to see the full implications of the new regulations, it’s clear that alcohol is an increasingly important part of the shop offer.

Mo'gas: An irreverent view from the network
03 October, 2005

To SAY SEPTEMBER has been an interesting month is a little bit of an understatement. As I write this article Hurricane Rita is coming onshore. Quite often, when a disaster is anticipated the actual event is thankfully less severe. It’s the ones that aren’t anticipated that seem to be more devastating. Let’s hope that Rita comes into this category and, from a selfish point of view, let’s hope that the refining capacity around Houston remains relatively unscathed. We’ve enough problems with fuel prices without another ratcheting-up of demand on the European scene.

VBi new solution
03 October, 2005

VBi Retail Solutions has gone into partnership with YesPay, suppliers of electronic funds transfer payment services, to accelerate card payment authorisation.

Top display by Bartuf
03 October, 2005

In a bid to drive retail sales Welcome Break has awarded retail display solutions company Bartuf Systems a contract to supply a range of display solutions.

Sterling detector
03 October, 2005

Tellermate has unveiled the PoundMate counterfeit note detector, said to be the first of its kind as it’s able to detect the security thread in sterling notes and decipher the unique magnetic code embedded in the thread.

An eye in the sky
03 October, 2005

Skyguard is a new personal safety service for lone workers at risk. Ideal for forecourt staff, particularly at night, Skyguard combines a pocket-sized personal safety device, called a Skyminder, with a 24-hour emergency response centre.

Maintenance service overhaul success
03 October, 2005

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has overhauled its repair and maintenance service and as a result reports a 30% rise in call response rates.

Specials delivery
03 October, 2005

The McCoy’s Specials premium crisps range has been extended with the launch of two new sharing packs and a vegetarian handypack.

Heinz is hooked on convenience
03 October, 2005

Heinz says it is continuing ‘to forge ahead in the convenience sector’ with the launch of a number of initiatives.

Have you introduced a new way of doing business/added new services during the pandemic, that you will continue to offer in the future?