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Zuber and Mohsin Issa
EG Group completes acquisition to take US estate to 1,680 sites
23 October, 2019

EG Group, parent company of Top 50 Indie Euro Garages, has announced the completion of its acquisition of the Cumberland Farms forecourt business in the US, following the deal that was agreed in August.

Applegreen branding on forecourt
Applegreen expects greater benefits from Welcome Break
25 September, 2019

Applegreen has reported the integration of Welcome Break into the business is going well and could provide greater savings than originally expected, as it published its results for the six months ended 30 June 2019.

Bob Etchingham
Applegreen buys a stake in 23 US service stations
07 August, 2019

Applegreen has struck a deal to acquire a 40% holding in 23 service stations in Connecticut, in the US.

Zuber (left) and Mohsin Issa
EG Group increases its US estate to just under 1,700 sites
02 August, 2019

Euro Garage’s parent company EG Group has increased its estate in the US to just shy of 1,700 sites, only 16 months after its first acquisition in the country.

Chris Hunt: UKPIA director general
15 May, 2017

Well, here we go again! The Prime Minister has fired the starting gun for a General Election, the sound of which has startled many people. It would seem that we have had an overabundance of politics over the past 18 months, what with the Labour party trying to sort itself out, the whole Brexit campaign resulting in the previous Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigning in July 2016 and Theresa May stepping up to the plate. There have also been local government elections and the US Presidential race that seemed to go on forever, all of which has resulted in endless media coverage and comment no wonder we are suffering from 'political brain fade'!

Charlotte Blum: analysis editor, Argus Media
15 May, 2017

The international crude and petrol markets that underlie fuel prices in UK forecourts are tightening for separate reasons, keeping prices at the pump well supported.

Charlotte Blum: analysis editor, Argus Media
10 April, 2017

Global crude oil prices are driving fuel prices at the pump, and all eyes are on Opec's attempts to raise them. There are early signs that production cuts are beginning to bite, but producers are facing an uphill struggle.

Money Talk: Looking for a light in the January darkness
09 January, 2017

Welcome to January, the bleakest of months what with the darkness and the bills arriving after that little self indulgence at Christmas. And that was just in the good times. Following the events of 2016 (think Brexit, Trump, US interest rate rise, etc), the economic outlook is the most uncertain since the financial crash of 2007/08 and the forecourt retail industry won't be immune to whatever happens to the wider economy.

As Brexit day finally arrives at the end of January, are you expecting any negative impact on your forecourt business through leaving the EU?