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Government announces plan forl decarbonisation of transport
16 October, 2019

The Government has announced plans for the full decarbonisation of the transport sector by 2050.

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Hybrid HGVs may be needed in transition to zero emissions
30 August, 2019

The transition to zero emissions in the HGV sector may require hybrid vehicles, according to a new report from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

exhaust fumes
Call for Scottish city centre ban on internal combustion engines
28 August, 2019

A ban on internal combustion engine vehicles in city centres by 2030 should be one of the Scottish government's key policies, according to a coalition of 19 organisations.

exhaust fumes
Right wing group calls for end to fuel duty freeze
14 August, 2019

A ring-wing think tank has called on the government to end the freeze on the value of fuel duty and apply a surcharge on fuel duty for diesel fuel, to help improve air quality.

Following a deal agreed with Harvest Energy, do you think it will be good to see the Total brand returning to UK forecourts?