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Franklin unveils new Overfill Prevention Valves

30 January, 2015

Franklin Fueling Systems has launched the new Defender Series of Overfill Prevention Valves (OPVs).

The company says the new line-up of OPVs employs a revolutionary new magnetically-coupled actuator system to provide positive shutoff. It adds: “Simple to install, service and test remotely, the Defender Series OPV is the industry’s most versatile overfill prevention valve.

Franklin Fueling Systems says the OPVs have a number of other important features. A magnetic coupler eliminates valve body penetrations and any potential product or vapour leak points, and the upper drop tube is roll-crimped onto a new top adapter eliminating the need for drilling, rivets, epoxy, and flaring tools.

It says the OPVs are compatible with petrol, petrol/alcohol blends, diesel and biodiesel, and they are designed for low and high flow applications from 25 gpm to 370 gpm (95 lpm to 1,400 lpm). The system also features a remote testing capability without having to remove the OPV from the riser.

Limited quantities of Defender Series OPVs are available to order immediately.

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