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Pringles in singles

17 August, 2005
Page 57 
Pringles is launching a mini variety on September 12. The new variant is not just a small pack, itís a mini version of the snack in a mini pack. Original, sour cream & onion, and salt & vinegar varieties are available in single packs which retail at 29p; five-packs at £1.18; and 10-packs at £2.09.
With health important to consumers, the new Mini Pringles not only offer portion control, they also contain 20% less fat than original Pringles.Procter & Gambleís trade marketing manager Paul Lettice says: ďMini Pringles offers retailers a great opportunity to profit from on-the-go snacking occasions. The single serve and multipack category accounts for 81% of the total snacks market and new Mini Pringles will be big news for consumers.ĒThe launch will be backed by a £2m campaign using national radio and TV from October. 0800 013 0200