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JTI going for gold with new premium tobacco

30 June, 2009
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JTI introduces a new premium Benson & Hedges Rolling Tobacco to the market this month.

The product will be available in Gold and Silver variants and is aimed at what the company says is a "rapidly growing sector".

JTI says that, from its own research, the roll-your-own (RYO) sector is worth 907m. It is also the fastest-growing tobacco category, with year-to-date sales increasing by 16.4% versus the previous year. In addition, the premium segment accounts for 47% of the total rolling tobacco sector and represents a "real opportunity for future growth".

The company says there is a need for greater choice at the premium end of the RYO sector, and reckons this will be met by the launch.

The product also includes 'foil fresh' technology which incorporates a thin layer of foil in the pouch.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications in the UK, says: "The launch brings choice to the premium RYO sector and a golden profit opportunity for retailers. Benson & Hedges Rolling Tobacco will appeal to both male and female adult smokers who demand quality from a brand they know and trust."

The tobacco is available in 12.5g and 25g packs, with Gold having a rrp of 3.02 and 5.94 respectively, and Silver a rrp of 2.92 and 5.74.

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