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Pouches pack a punch

30 January, 2009
Page 59 
The Mars Pouch Collector promotion is back - and Mars says it promises to be the most successful to date.
The promotion which, according to Mars, saw a 5% uplift in sales last year returns to stores this month. It gives consumers the chance to redeem eight tear-off strips from the tops of the Mars pouches for a pair of cinema tickets. The 2009 activity will run across more products and include more cinemas to provide better value for consumers.Mars claims to be number one in bitesize with a 56.8% share of the market and the company expects this promotion to continue to drive sales in the category.Mars pouches and bitesize bags will be supported by a £7.8m promotional spend including TV and press advertising throughout 2009, up-weighted during the 12-week Mars pouch collector promotional period. To celebrate, Mars is giving away £250-worth of the pouches which include Maltesers and Revels.