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Old El Paso twosome

04 March, 2008
Page 44 
Old El Paso is firing up sales of its Mexican food range with two new products.
The oven baked Crispy Chicken fajitas kit includes a special shaker bag to give the chicken a crispy crumb coating. It is aimed at families who want more taste but less heat in their food.The second launch, the Stand 'n' Stuff Tacos, is a version of the existing Old El Paso Tacos but offers a flat-bottom taco that will stand on its own, making it easier to fill. The taco shells are also slightly bigger, making them more of a complete meal.The company said it has already seen successful debuts of the flat-bottom tacos in other markets, including Australia, where the product was rolled out in 2005, and where 90% of sales have been incremental to the category.The launches will be supported as part of a £5.5m marketing investment during 2008 which will include national TV advertising. 01895 201100