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Galaxy makeover

06 September, 2007
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Mars has relaunched its Galaxy bars with a new shape, packaging and a smoother taste.
The changes will be backed by a £5.7m marketing campaign, with consumers urged to "fall in love again" with the new-look chocolate. This will include TV advertising and extensive nationwide sampling campaigns.The company is also adding three new large block flavours: Galaxy smooth dark; and roasted & caramelised hazelnuts; and raisin, almond & hazelnut - which will replace the hazelnut and raisin & hazelnut blocks.According to IRI data, Galaxy saw 18% year-on-year growth to the end of 2006. Andrea Taylor, Mars trade relations manager, said: "This launch is set to make a big impact on the market. The support will create huge visibility for the brand and we fully anticipate a substantial sales uplift as a result."Rrp is £1.09. 01753 550055