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product news: Gordonís brings out ultra-low-alcohol G&Ts

John Wood ·

Two ultra-low-alcohol gin & tonic flavoured sparkling variants have been added to the Gordonís brand.

Available across grocery and convenience channels from 18 June, Gordonís Ultra Low Alcohol G&T flavoured drinks are made with Gordonís London Dry Gin distillate, and contain less than 0.5% ABV and 68 calories per serve.

There are two flavour variants; Gordonís Ultra Low Alcohol G&T with a Hint of Lime and Gordonís Ultra Low Alcohol G&T with a Hint of Grapefruit.

Charles Ireland, general manager for Great Britain, Ireland and France, said: ďGin is booming at present and there is currently a real unmet demand from consumers for a credible low or non-alcoholic gin alternative that has the same depth of flavour and sense of occasion as an alcoholic drink. Iím therefore delighted to see the launch of Gordonís Ultra Low Alcohol G&T - a fantastic addition to the market that aims to meet this consumer demand.

ďConsumers are at the heart of our business and weíre passionate about bringing them new and exciting socialising experiences, whether they choose to drink on these occasions or not. The launch of Gordonís Ultra Low aims to do just that and I look forward to seeing its success.Ē

Chris Brooks, senior innovation commercialisation manager, Diageo, commented: ďWe know there is a credible opportunity for branded spirits within the low and non-alcoholic category, with non-alcoholic wine up 66% and non-alcoholic beer showing 37% value growth. Gordonís Ultra Low Alcohol G&T provides a unique spirit-based drink positioned under the strength of the Gordonís brand name. It utilises our meticulously perfected distillant techniques to ensure that the final product does not compromise on taste of quality.

ďIn the first half of this year, Gordonís grew double digit in Europe, and there is a real opportunity to make no or low alcohol drinking experiences as good as alcoholic drinking experiences. We are therefore confident that this premium low-alcohol offering will provide a great sales opportunity for retailersĒ.

The launch will be supported via social media, with shopper plans also available with scalable mechanics, including front of store and product display driving penetration.

Independent research has found that the majority of consumers expect to find low or no alcohol drinks to be sold in a dedicated low/no bay situated in the alcohol aisle. The recommendation from Gordonís is to merchandise accordingly, or where no such bay exists, to stock alongside adult premium soft drinks or alcoholic ready to drink products.

Both 250ml glass bottle variants have a RRSP of £1.49 for a single bottle, or £4.99 for a 4 pack.