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Maltesers brand branches out with two new products

Mars Wrigley is extending the Maltesers range with two new products. Made from the same ingredients as regular Maltesers, new Maltesers Buttons have a higher ratio of chocolate-to-malt content to give consumers a button with the brand's signature crunchy texture.

Mars Wrigley hopes the new Buttons, which will hit shops next month, will help introduce a younger demographic to the Maltesers brand. As part of the brand's strategy to attract younger audiences, the launch will be backed by a 1.3m digital-only media spend.

Maltesers Buttons will come in four sizes: 32g bag, rrp 66p; 68g bag, rrp 1.19; a 93g pouch, 2.09; and a 159g More to Share bag at 3.29

Meanwhile, new Maltesers Truffles are said to provide a more indulgent eating experience for consumers through their creamy truffly consistency, while still retaining the brand's familiar crunch. They will be available next month in a 54g token gift box, rrp 1.99 and 200g medium gift box at 4.99.

Mars Wrigley is investing 1.2m in a marketing spend behind the launch with an innovative digital campaign set to reach over 60% of the UK.

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